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Hand & surface sanitiser - 1 litre plus 2 x FREE handbag size spray


Hand & surface sanitiser 1 litre plus 2 FREE handbag size spray


We have a great product on offer, to use as a surface & hand sanitiser when you’re out & about on the go!

It contains a strong active QUAT ingredient benzalkonium chloride which is found in high grade disinfectants and recommended by Australian government Department of health. See link below for details.

It’s convenient, rinse free & much kinder on your skin, with a delicate orange scent.

Purchase a 500ml bottle of our fantastic hand & surface sanitiser and receive a free, handy, bag size 100ml spray too!!!

Purchase a 1 litre bottle & receive 2 x 100ml spray bottle

500 ml - $20

1ltre - $38


https/www.tga.gov.au/appropriate-use-dis infectants-information-consumers-health- professionals-and-healthcare-facilities


**Shipping: Australia wide delivery only. Flat rate shipping is offered at only $15 for any item or combination of items, so the more you purchase the more you can save - so happy shopping and happy cleaning!

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